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Why That`s Bum Meat Your Eating…. June 21, 2010

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In the form of fettuccine. WTF!!?? <insider> 😆 Hi peeps! I’m in P.R! Here at my titi Sonia’s house. Today I did MANY activities! (don’t think wrong.) 👿 Played with pups, watched t.v! Played with an ipod….  yeps! Ive been in P.R 4 2 days now! I  am OUT OF SCHOOL! : DDD NO I DON’T GOTTA DEAL WITH DRAMA! YAYYYY! OK GTG. …. AWKWARD POST….  Here Imma go and fill it with funny things.


OH MY COCOPUFFS… June 6, 2010

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Hey People! Whats going on?

Its Kooki00 Here! I had my party yesterday, AWESOME! Emma, Jered, Angie, Tiana, Martin, Johnathan, and Miguel (Johnathan`s older bro), came. It was AWESOME. We swam and ate and played wii. Ahhh… ❤ Awesomeness! 😀 For My presents I got:

1. Two of the same Claire bags

2. A stuffed cat-thing animal

3.Spa Kit Thinga-majigger

4. A Midnight Pomegranate Lotion and Soap Set

5. 120$$$!!!!!!!!!!♥

I’m excited because if i get $80 bucks more, I can buy an… IPOD TOUCH! 😀 😀 YAYYYY! So happy. Only had Emma at my sleepover, danced, had fun, err… ate pixie sticks, and played wii. But then she got sick, vomited and left. It`s OK though, I`ll try having my real FIRST SLEEP OVER another time. So I changed up the site, so yeah… enjoy! 😉